Welcome to weblog v6

Fri Feb 05 2021
Creating blogs and killing them again seems to be a fun pattern I keep repeating for the last twenty years now. Say hello to another incarnation of the famous asian nurse.

codegreen pulled from Google PlayStore

Mon Jun 15 2020
TIL: You can't offer optional donations for an app, even if it is free.

Ups and downs and outs

Sat Jan 25 2020
Working on codegreen has been an emotional experience. Excitement and total frustration sometimes happend on the same day.

Code your own Idealo price machine

Sun Jan 12 2020
This python script checks websites for product prices and sends an email if a desired price point is met.

The Power Of Motivation

Fri Jan 10 2020
I met with a friend last night and we had a couple of beers in a nice punk rock bar. We both worked at the same startup in Berlin last year and shared some memories of what went right, what went wrong and everything in between. He told me a great story.


Sat Jan 04 2020
Some personal takeaways from the 36c3 congress.

codegreen v2 layouts

Wed Dec 04 2019
The second iteration of codegreen has been reduced to the key functionality: the scanner.

codegreen v1 layouts

Sun Oct 13 2019
Screens from the first iteration of codegreen. I planned a ton of features in the beginning and gradually reduced them to the minimum in order to simplify the experience.

Berlin Hack & Tell

Mon May 06 2019
Located at the C-Base, the Berlin Hack 'n' Tell is a fun event that's open to everyone to present their projects and hacks.